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If I Survive You by Jonathan Escoffery

14 September 2022

Originally reviewed back in June, it’s hard to avoid phrases like, “powerhouse short stories,” and “dazzling debut.” Each story enlightens the rest, making the collection a perfect balance of tenderness and grit, hope, and despair. Out now. Support a local bookstore.

Read my full review.

Posts of Interest

Meet Me at the Corner of Paper Street and Pixel Avenue

12 September 2022

In 2012, I was working as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, the year they launched the first Nook e-reader.

Read more about pixels vs. print.

Not Another Book List

8 September 2022

Anyone can create a list of outstanding books to read. If you want bestsellers, promising new writers, or classics to revisit, there’s a list for that. These are not suggestions. You’ve heard enough of those. Read on if book recommendations bore you.

Read my full article.

Hitting the Press

5 September 2022

The Streets of Sorrow, a short story inspired by true events, will appear in print in the coming weeks. Accepted for publication in Evening Street Review‘s fall edition, my piece tells the story of an old writer and a young writer. Not nearly as hopeless as its dire title, The Streets of Sorrow tackles the mysteries of memory, art, and shared human experience.

Print editions are for sale at

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My Recent Stories


Just 101 words long, this piece takes less than a minute to read. Micro fiction challenges prose writers to be as succinct as poets, who craft full narratives with powerful precise language.

Read my very short story.

First published here, 5 August 2022

Harriet and the Sparrow

Rain fell on the roof of the cottage where Harriet lived with her parents. She sat at the window while they bickered in the kitchen. “Thin soup again,” said Father.

“Earn more; we’ll eat better.”

“A good wife makes the smallest sum suffice, stupid woman.”

The rain on the roof said, “Harriet, I’m at the garden gate.”

Read more.

First published in Esoterica, 4 March 2022

Look for this and other stories, articles, and big ideas at

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