Reading Room Recommends

17 October 2021

October Reads

Fludd by Hilary Mantel

Next on my reading list, Mantel’s novel (first published in 1989) promises a brooding tale for dark autumn evenings under a cozy quilt. While she has become well known in recent years for her prize-winning trilogy of historical novels following the life of Thomas Cromwell, the Guardian announced in a contemporary review that “Fludd…establishes [Mantel] in the front rank of novelists writing in English today.”

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

A Halloween favorite and the perfect way to get ready for the spookiest season of the year, Jackson’s masterpiece wraps itself around the reader, from its beautifully worded opening lines to its inevitable, tragic ending.

Nobody Knows What They’re Doing: The 10 Secrets All Artists Should Know by Lee Crutchley

A quick read packed with practical advice for fighting self-doubt, getting real about your ambitions, and freeing the artist in you. Steering away from catch phrases and shunning “quick fix” advice, Crutchley encourages his readers to search inside for answers and trust that even bad work is worth making as you find your way; the main thing is to keep working.

Children’s Shelf

Georgie and the Robbers by Robert Bright

Featuring a ghost who’s sweeter than he is spooky, this vintage picture book continues Georgie’s adventures as the little spirit who happily haunts the Whittaker’s attic, a cheerful place cluttered with charming “old things you just couldn’t bear to part with.” Published in 1963, you may have to dig to find this little gem. But it’s worth the trouble for the young at heart.

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