Write Life Into Your Characters

19 November 2021

Photo by Mario Wallner on Pexels.com

Creating characters is a writer’s bread and butter. Without sympathetic characters, a story can feel remote to the reader. Characters are the reader’s guide as they enter the world of the story.

While characters need not be ‘likeable’ in the conventional sense, they must be ‘engaging.’ Villains are as fascinating as heroes and equally effective as main characters. The guided approach to characterization presented in “Bringing your Characters to Life Through the Five Whys” by Sarina Byron gives insight into creating characters of depth and resonance. Published in issue 442 of the Authors Publish weekly newsletter, Byron’s article explains the origin of The Five Whys and how they can work for writers as they navigate this crucial step in creating a well-rounded story.

Read all she has to say at https://authorspublish.com/bringing-your-characters-to-life-through-the-five-whys/ and subscribe to the Authors Publish newsletter (free) via their website: http://www.authorspublish.com

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