Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular

By Rust Hill

Rust Hill introduces his book and himself as if addressing a writers’ conference, standing before a group of hungry young writers ready to absorb all they can. He writes with confidence and the experience of thirty years editing magazine fiction as he walks his audience of would-be authors through the basics of short story construction.

With clarity and an approachable style, Hill maps out the distinction between what he calls ‘slick fiction’ and refined literary stories crafted to carry the weight of layered characters with complex emotions and motives. He points out common pitfalls, warns against shortcuts and shows, through brief but effective examples, how a fine story can emerge from a worn-out trope.

Fiction in General and the Short Story in Particular has stood the test of time. Originally published in 1977 and revised a decade later, this book remains relevant in its no-nonsense take on how to improve your writing. In his long career as a reader, lecturer and editor, Hill never received a submission via Submittable.com but his advice still rings true.

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